Stay Home, Stay Safe: Properties that will make you want to stay home

Home is where we find rest, peace and where we get to share with our loved ones– undoubtedly, it’s our refuge, and given the current circumstances of social confinement, we have had to learn and understand our home in deeper ways.

Now more than ever, we’ve had to find value in every single space in our homes, and there has been a collective need to take complete advantage of them to create a nurturing environment to work from home, exercise, play with our children, meditate, and read.

We have carefully curated a list of properties for those who are still in the midst of finding their safe place, their home. This list will offer homes with unique spaces that will make quarantine much more enjoyable.

Casa Manzanos, Bosques de las Lomas

Casa Manzanos is a breathtaking residence inspired by Mexican design and brought to life by architect Javier Almanza. The integration of its spaces is intently tailored, with the vast majority of them having outdoor views to a magnificent terrace and garden in which you will be able to enjoy peaceful moments surrounded by nature.

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Casa en La Loma Hacienda de Santa Fe

This minimalist and cozy home was designed by renowned architect Gonzalo Gómez Palacio, who harmoniously designed a residence with close contact to nature.

This home has 3 bedrooms with marble bathrooms that have pleasant outdoor views.

It also has a wide living room with a chimney, an exceptionally designed kitchen manufactured in Italy, and a large terrace with unparalleled views to the garden and the canyon.

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Oasis 168

Immerse yourself in the sound of constant water flow and transport into a world of beauty and peace in this marvelous property.

The design of this home was inspired in zen-living. Its smart architecture allows you to take a bath in the privacy of your own home whilst feeling like you’re alfresco. This residence is truly unique and timeless and will make you overlook the fact that you’re standing in one of the world’s biggest cities.

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Casa Julia, Bosques de las Lomas

Casa Julia shines in its unmatched physical qualities and effortless space flow.

Its beautiful central garden allows for an important part of the interior of this home to be directly connected with nature, which encourages a peaceful coexistence and provides privacy.

In its various living rooms you can relax or work remotely from a home that conveys complete peace and positive energy.

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Townhouse La Europea Lomas

This property, located in a privileged area, has delightful natural illumination and outdoor views of leafy trees.

The terrace, surrounded by lavenders, integrates beautifully with a living room and a dining area. On the second floor, a deck awaits with a sauna to enjoy complete stillness in this home.

Indisputably, a property with amazing design, great taste and warm qualities.

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PH Terrazas, Polanco

This modern penthouse is surrounded by trees and diverse greenery.

The functionality of its spaces allows for each area to have a specific use, all the while integrating beautifully throughout its wide terraces.

The best surprise can be found on the second floor, where fascinating terraces also coexist, making this property truly unique in its echelon.

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Each and every one of our properties has unique characteristics. If you wish to explore our portfolio further, click here. To obtain more information, don’t think twice about reaching out with one of our team members. We are here to help you!


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