Bosques de las Lomas

Bosques de las Lomas

by Ciudad de México Sotheby´s International Realty

Unlike Ciudad de México’s San Angel and other historic neighborhoods, Bosques de las Lomas boasts an ultra-modern setting with opulent homes, a chain of historic and modern hotels and a thriving Jewish community. Bosques de las Lomas is one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods that houses opulent enclaves featuring many beautiful and high-end apartamentos Bosques de la Loma México for sale and México real estate investment.

During the early 1900s, Mexico City experienced a strong inflow of foreign migrants that lead to a shortage of living space within the nation’s capital’s most-sought-after neighborhoods. This opened an opportunity for prompt urban development in the city, which encouraged many new constructions and the emergence of new neighborhoods.

Bosques de la Loma and its neighboring Lomas de Chapultepec are two new colonias built during that period. Today, both of these neighborhoods have many upscale homes inhabited by some wealthy migrants and prominent Mexican figures. Within the neighborhood’s well-designed setting, there are gardened boulevards, small boutiques and stores, and a number of restaurants. After the modern urban revolution, Bosques de la Loma is home to some beautiful urban development and high-rise structures.

The Arcos Bosques is one of the few modern shopping and office building in the Miguel Hidalgo Borough. This inverted U shaped building houses upscale shopping center boasting designer stores and boutiques.

The residential area in Bosques de la Loma Ciudad de México houses some excellently designed homes representing a functional architecture, simplistic designs and contemporary layouts to offer a restful setting for those interested in desire living México dream homes. Most modern houses here boast integrated gardens, high-end stone façade, and an efficient design to promote green energy while offering a beautiful living space within a peaceful environment. Retirees looking for real estate investment México opportunities may want to explore the listed properties Sotheby’s destinations México list.

The neighborhood is a popular hub for business travelers and backpackers who often search for budget lodging options. Just a few minutes from Ciudad de México’s business hub is Bosques de la Loma’s main hotel strip where travelers will find a variety of historic, modern and even boutique hotel choices that perfectly fit each one’s budget. Local hostels and small vacation homes offer shared living options, especially for those on a tight budget.

Visitors seeking some architectural tour may love a bike ride tour to the neighboring Lomas de Chapultepec colonia where a number of ancient homes and structures built in the Colonial Californiano style are located. These beautiful homes feature stone carvings, pitched roofs, and large windows. Most of these homes are deemed as a cultural patrimony and protected by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Travelers interested in a cultural and colonial México lifestyle tour may consider a bike tour around the cultural hub in Mexico City. Most bikers prefer a tour to Frida Kahlo’s historic sites and to Bosque Chapultepec to witness the city’s most outstanding urban developments. Many local tour operators now offer guided bike tours through Mexico City’s busy, opulent and historic neighborhoods.

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