Santa Fe

Santa Fe

by Ciudad de México Sotheby´s International Realty

Santa Fe, often regarded as the city different, is nestled just outside the Ciudad de México’s main business district and to be exact just a 12-mile drive from it. While the colonia or neighborhood is highly popular as a contemporary epicenter in Mexico City, most avid travelers find it very dismal quite contradictory to the local hype.

However, depending on each visitor’s perspective, this posh neighborhood located on the border of the multi-cultural metropolis of the nation’s capital may offer enough choices of modern amenities for an enjoyable travel. Santa Fe is not for culture nomads and art aficionados. It’s a metropolitan area with an ample of urban enclaves, posh settings, and large malls altogether boasting a dazzling scene, especially for tourists and patrons who love contemporary shopping, fine dining and luxury living.

The main business hub is home to ritzy towers boasting high-end shopping areas and offices of modern-day tech companies and headquarters of multiple business giants. The business area is connected to Mexico City’s central business district through regular mini-buses and public buses making it easy for over 200,000 people who travel to Santa Fe daily for work and business. Those who consider exploring local México real estate investment options will be happy to find the vast choices of modern apartments in some gleaming new towers amid the town’s most residential modern districts.

Santa Fe, for its aggressively growing construction and real estate growth, is a top contender for real estate investment México destination, especially among wealthy individuals, business personnel and avid entrepreneurs looking forward to a booming destination for business and desire living México. Santa Fe Ciudad de México also offers a handful of modern homes in opulent communities often listed by Sotheby’s destinations México realtor.

Santa Fe truly testifies to the growing demand of the expanding development in and around Mexico City as a posh colonia with many privately funded and some government-funded housing and building projects, luxury housing towers and many informally built neighborhoods offering a plenty of modern living space. While many nature activists and diplomats see a greedy capitalist system here, the truth about the explosive growth in such an upscale district is a boon for job seekers and residents looking for modern conveniences.

The story of Santa Fe is deeply connected to a modern-day tale and tenuously far from the Mexico City’s historic settings that represent the colonial history, old México lifestyle and century-old establishments. Amid the swanky districts in Santa Fe, there are top-notch hotels and a colorful shopping scene always drawing exuberant shoppers and visitors, and many upscale restaurants offering world-class cuisine.

While modern amenities, shopping, and dining attract many visitors to this neighborhood, what draws more international travelers to Santa Fe is its chic hotel scene featuring a number of top-rated international hotels with pools. It’s not very common to find metropolitan hotels in Mexico with pools. However, Santa Fe’s boutique collection hotels include choices of roof-top pools and offer super personalized services to make each guest’s vacation experience a memorable one.

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